Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hayden Panettiere eats in West Hollywood

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Could that be newly-legal Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia out at lunch? The answer is no. The guy in the baseball cap is none other than Kevin Connolly of the show Entourage. This girl clearly has a thing for older men.

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kc fan said...

Kevin Connolly and Hayden Panettiere are not a couple. Cutie Kevin Connolly was eating his lunch alone after a morning at the gym,when Hayden and her companion showed up and sat next to Kevin.

Kevin Connolly and Hayden Panettiere shared smiles and chit chat, but nothing more. In fact, Kevin spoke to Hayden's companion more than to Hayden herself.

Kevin Connolly did give Hayden Panettiere a hug and kiss goodbye (lucky girl), before he left her to her snack.

This is not a couple in the making.
There is a 15 year difference in their age. Kevin does like younger women, but not this young.

No story here.

KJG2323 said...

I think Kevin Connolly, being spotted by Hayden Panettiere at a beautiful West Hollywood lunch was cute, If I was at a West hollywood lunch and Hayden Panettiere spotted me there and recognized me from shows and films then She would say, Kevin come here I want you to hang out with me then, I would say, Sure Hayden I would be delighted to hang out with you your my biggest fan. I would discuss her show Heroes because my aunt and i are such, huge fans of Hayden Panettiere and I'm looking forward to Heroes Season 3 this September 2008.